Whether you are an industry veteran, a sales professional from outside the insurance industry, a college grad looking to get into the exciting financial services industry, or a mid-career individual looking for that perfect, ‘what’s next’ – the Velomon Group could be just the ticket for you.

Velomon Group offers its distribution partners four distinct advantages that will have you earning more money than you’ve ever dreamed possible – if you’re willing to learn, master our process, and work hard.

At Velomon, we offer:

  • The industry’s best training – not just product training, but sales training. And our training is delivered by those who have been in the field, are still in the field, and do exactly what you do every day.  Two of our principals are published authors, and they’ve both trained thousands of agents and advisors nationwide.  In addition, Velomon partners with the Sandler Sales Institute to bring the best-selling techniques in the world – to our specific target markets.
  • A perpetually overflowing sales pipeline – thanks to our eight specific, referral-based lead generation strategies. The only scary thing about commissioned sales is having enough qualified prospects to talk to.  Velomon ensures that its agents are never short of leads – because we utilize partnership strategies with others in the financial services business who already enjoy trust relationships with their clients.  And our strategies bring in leads by the bushel-basket – not onsey-twosey.
  • The ability to build a business within our business – Our business model encourages agents to recruit, train, and mentor others – and to be handsomely rewarded for doing so. By building a stable of producing agents, you’ll develop a business that can be passed on, sold, or retained as a source of perpetual passive income.
  • Four different ways to make money – Our compensation model offers every agent the ability to make money 4 ways – not just one way, like the rest of the industry. Agents earn commissions from Personal Production.  As “Lead” agents, they also mentor the “Wing” agents they bring into the business and split cases with them until they’re ready to graduate to Lead agent themselves.  Our agents also earn override commissions on the production of those they bring into the business – up to three ‘generations’ deep.  Many agents earn considerably more in overrides than they do from personal production.  Finally – and totally unique to Velomon – our top agents (those earning at least $100,000 a year) share proportionally in an Agent Bonus Pool (ABP) into which Velomon deposits 25% of its corporate profits.

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