What We Offer

Velomon allows agents and aspiring agents to ‘test-drive’ what we’re about before making any commitment.

  • We offer a free, 6-part training series about IUL as an alternative to risky, Wall Street based investment plans. This series has won critical acclaim in the industry, and is offered without charge or obligation.
  • Velomon Boot Camp is IUL by immersion! This two-day – 10-hour course will put you on the path to high-level sales success in this exciting, rewarding business.  While there is a registration fee, it comes with three months of service included, and is completely refundable if you don’t think it’s worth every dime.

Subscription-based Membership Plans

Ready to get down to business?  Then our annual or month-to-month subscription plans are your next step.  Our Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans include access to the selling systems to three of our four branded selling concepts (Live Interest Free, Fortune Builder, and the CharitabLiving Plan).

There is an additional charge for access to the Strategies for College selling system

Each package includes a different combination of included components and pricing for ancillary services so you can determine what will work best for you and your practice.

For IMO’s, FMOs, Carriers, and Wholesalers

Our goal is not to compete with – but to enhance the success of our carrier and wholesaling partners.  We accomplish that by offering co-branded training and other support tools to help make their agents more successful in the field.  Contact us for more information on how you can use our off-the-shelf materials – or create a custom program just for you.

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