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Our mission statement at Velomon Group is to ‘Change the Way America Saves Money and Builds Wealth.’  That’s a tall order.  But our product mix is ideally suited to offer America an alternative to Wall Street risk, government confiscation by taxation, and onerous fees and commissions that gnaw away at our nest-eggs.

To fill the bill, we focus our efforts on Indexed Universal Life Insurance, and Indexed Annuities.  We sell other insurance-related products, but these are how we fulfill our primary missions.  We do so by partnering with the best insurance carriers in the world.  Our primary carriers include:

Life Insurance Partners                                    Annuity Partners
North American                                                   North American
Allianz                                                                    American Equity
Lincoln National                                                   Legacy Partners

We market our products through three consumer brands that enjoy brand recognition, and more importantly, speak to our target markets directly:

Fortune Builder Wealth Plan – The Fortune Builder name is recognized for bringing tax-free, risk-free, fee-neutral wealth-building and retirement income strategies to clients nationwide.

Education Planning Resources (EPR) – is another national brand in the Velomon stable that shows families how to financially plan for college in a way that minimizes their out-of-pocket cost, and preserves their retirement dreams.

The CharitabLiving Plan – also a Velomon brand works with churches, charities, and non-profits who are looking to raise new money – from new supporters – who don’t have to sacrifice income or net worth in order to become part of the financial fabric of the organization.

Through these three consumer ‘brands’ – Velomon offers client-focused solutions, and promotes specialization among its advisors.  The result?  The most prepared, professional, consultative, solution-focused sales force in the financial services industry.

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