College Planning

Introducing Strategies for College!

College planning is a premier service. It has a very broad appeal and requires you to not only understand the solution, but also the process. To assist you, we have assembled a world-class tool kit and partnered with several very powerful players in the College arena. The result, you are able to offer elite level services and consultation at no cost to your clients. This will make you a sought after resource very quickly.

With the bootcamp, you will get 90 days access to our 24/7 back office where you will find the following information on:

Our College Selling System:

  • Video marketing and lead generation tools
  • High School ‘door opener’ presentations for setting up large parent meetings at the local High School
  • Scripted High School presentation, slide deck, and included video
  • Incentive programs such as $500 free SAGE points to all families who attend your meetings
  • Event support material such as lead capture sheets, banner graphics, signage, etc
  • Live parent meetings featuring Velomon College experts

Our Training Library:

  1. How to market and sell College planning
  2. How to get local schools and athletic departments to promote your meetings
  3. How to set up and run parent meetings
  4. How to use our video marketing tools
  5. How to consult with parents who are interested
  6. How do take a Fact Finder
  7. How to design a College case
  8. How to understand College elements such as FAFSA/EFC, gifting, CAP scores, etc
  9. How to optimize EFC using FAFSA
  10. How to help parents find the schools where their students will receive the most gifting
  11. And much, much, more

Our College Planning Partners:

  • Strategies for College Admissions
  • SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards

Our Bootcamp

Our bootcamp will teach you all the things you need to know to effectively sell and consult using the Strategies for College system. This includes;

  • Understanding the Concept of ‘Pain’ in Selling
  • Strategies for College Presentation
  • First Client Meeting (Pain Meeting)
  • Case Anatomy – Identifying Opportunities
  • Available Resources
  • Case Design
  • Presenting the Solution
  • Marketing/Lead Generation Tools/Back Office
  • Building a Plan of Attack