Financial Wellness Benefit

By adding Velomon’s suite of financial solutions – delivered by caring, professional experts – you’ll not only enhance your desirability as a prospective employer, but you’ll benefit in other ways too. Studies show that employee turnover, absenteeism, and productivity are largely a function of financial struggles at home.

Those employers who provide competent, caring counseling and solution-oriented services to their employees experience measurable improvements in all three categories.  That translates into happier, more connected employees, and greater profits for your organization.

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Would You Like to Learn More?

At the core of every sound financial strategy is solid education. Velomon is committed to providing education so that our friends and clients can make decisions the serve them effectively.

To aid in this process, we’ve created a Financial Wellness Portal. In our online portal, you’ll learn more about the key issues that drive financial health. There are no product discussions or sales pitches, simply easy to understand information available to you when you are ready to consume it.

Click the button below and take our Financial Wellness Assessment. This is the same process your employees will use. Once you’ve taken the assessment and received your instant report, you can register for our Financial Health Online Portal. You’ll see exactly what your people will experience.

We have the ability to replace the Velomon logo and references with your logo and company name. You’ll also be able to then get usage reports letting you better understand the value your folks are receiving. Please note you won’t receive specific or individual information on your users, but you will be able to see what they are learning as a group.

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