How Do You Sell Insurance?

Do you talk about the value of planning for the unthinkable? Or perhaps supplementing them in case of a health problem? Maybe it is final expenses that connects you with a new lead.

Is your sales process a challenge with lots of dead ends and frustrations? Are you forced to buy leads and make endless phone calls to find that one person who will say yes? Isn’t that a long and frustrating path to success?

What if – instead of talking death or disability benefits – you could present solutions to everyday issues that mattered right now to most everyone? What if you had a superior and cost effective solution for the following life challenges:

  • Getting out of debt quickly and never paying interest again (while pocketing all the money they used to send to a bank or credit card company)
  • Creating a risk-free retirement program that competed with Wall Street in terms of growth, but eliminated market risk, hidden taxes, and high fees
  • Helping their children (or grandchildren) get into the best College at the lowest cost – without the compromise of a loss of lifestyle or retirement savings

Velomon has built complete selling systems for these three needs and would like you to be able to use them for your business. Our systems include lead generation, sales training, meeting scripts and documents, closing tools, and available coaching and mentoring. We are not an FMO and will not ask you to shift your contracts or carrier preferences. As long as you have access to Indexed Universal Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance products, our solutions will work.

The results for you: easier prospecting, abundant leads, ample referrals, deals that close consistently, and the knowledge to grow your own business or your agency.

Join us for a short webinar that outlines our program and gives you the chance to see what we offer. There is no obligation – other than your time – but the potential payoff is huge. Click the links on the right to register for our next session. We look forward to talking with you!

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