Our Values

Velomon believes in a certain way of approaching and dealing with people – and those core values are at the heart of who Velomon works with – and how Velomon interacts with those it serves.

Our principals:

  1. Our obligation is to have the heart of a servant and the patience of a teacher. If we get that right – we’ll achieve our personal objectives quite naturally,
  2. If we stick to what we’re uniquely good at – and let the other peddlers fight it out with their worn-out products – we’ll build lasting, trust-based relationships with our clients and distribution partners.
  3. If we work with willing families – rather than the reluctant and skeptical – we’ll help more of the right people achieve their financial goals

In other words:  Enlighten, don’t sell – do what we’re best at and no more – and do it for those who want relationship-based solutions.  A simple formula really – but one that serves all in the best way possible.

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