James L. (Jay) Beattey IV

Chief Executive Officer

James L (Jay) Beattey, IV – is an industry veteran who has successfully sold Indexed products (particularly Indexed Universal Life) for more than 11 years. A latecomer to the insurance industry, Beattey enjoyed a long career in the moving industry, having served as President and CEO of Allied Van Lines, Canada.

Beattey got into life insurance in 2004 and quickly became an industry expert in Indexed Universal Life Insurance. In 2010, he formed Fortune Builder University – a repository of tools, training, and resources that was sold on a monthly subscription basis to independent insurance agents and financial advisors, nationwide. FBU membership grew to nearly 200 agents at its peak, and enjoyed a very high persistency rate (agents that joined, stayed).

In 2013, Beattey released his first book, Rigged, Unlearning Mainstream Financial Propaganda and Building Your Personal Fortune. With very little marketing effort, the book quickly soared to the top of the Amazon best-seller list in its category, and continues to sell at a good clip today. It has sold nearly 20,000 copies – many to the financial services community who use it to tell the story of IUL in a way that leads to sales.

In 2015, Beattey became Chief Executive Officer of the Velomon Group which provides tools, training, resources, branding, case design, and support to insurance and financial professionals nationwide. 

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