Retirement and Debt Bootcamp

Introducing Fortune Builders and Live Interest Free!

Our one day bootcamp is designed to help you get started on a fast track using either of our selling systems. With your bootcamp purchase you will receive 90 days of our Retirement and Debt subscription and 24/7 access to our back office – absolutely free!

Here is a quick look at each system.

Fortune Builder

Welcome to Tax-free, Risk-free Retirement Savings!

If your prospects are saving for retirement, chances are they are using a traditional market based tool like a 401k, 043b, IRA, SIMPLE, or other market-based savings tools they are exposed to 3 wealth killers: Taxes, Fees, & Market Risk. Most people assume these are unavoidable and completely underestimate the impact they have over a lifetime of saving.

Supported by 2 books ‘Rigged’ and ‘401 Not Ok’, the Fortune Builder Wealth System demonstrates the devastating impact of the wealth killers and introduces five money needs. It then challenges your prospect to re-examine their strategy and evaluate how much of their hard earned savings are at risk voluntarily.

Once the case has been made, our closing tool, the Prosperity Road Map, demonstrates how a unique solution – Indexed Universal Life Insurance – can neutralize the 3 wealth killers and provide the five money needs. A perfect blueprint to an abundant retirement lifestyle. The prospect is left to make a very easy choice.

Live Interest Free

Get Out of Debt and Live Interest Free!

Most Americans have some sort of debt. It takes the form of mortgages, credit cards, car payments, home equity lines of credit, or even business loans. While credit and debt offer increase buying capacity, they also ensnare the borrower in a cycle that can rob them of lifestyle and retirement options.

The idea of Live. Interest Free introduces your clients to a process where they can have their money do two things: reduce their debt and still grow for retirement. It also shows them how to ‘snowball’ their debt payments which significantly reduces their time in debt. Finally, the program creates a ‘bank’ that can be used for future purchases – with no credit checks or borrowing hassles.

The entire process is built around structured Whole Life Insurance using programs like Your Family Bank. The result is that not only will your customers reduce their time in debt, but also build a powerful – interest free – bank of credit while saving for retirement.

Our Bootcamp

Our bootcamp will teach you all the things you need to know to effectively sell either Fortune Builders or Live Interest Free.

This includes:

  • Understanding the Concept of ‘Pain’ in Selling
  • Fortune Builder Presentation (Pain Meeting)
  • Prosperity Roadmap
  • Fortune Builder Marketing/Lead Generation Tools/Back Office
  • Live Interest Free Presentation
  • Live Interest Free Marketing/Lead Generation Tools/Back Office
  • Personal Branding
  • Personal Income Plan