Risk Free Retirement

For some, the thought of retirement lies somewhere between a hope and a wish.  Not for our clients.

They’ve learned how to free up the cash-flow they need from their monthly income to save regularly.  They’ve also learned that Wall Street product – and Wall Street accounts (like 401ks and others) can be dream crushers more than dream enablers.

They’ve put retirement on track.  They know what to expect – how much income they’ll have in retirement, and they live with the peace of mind knowing that they’re money is immune from the ravages of fickle markets and unknowable future tax policies.

Dream again.  Learn what others have discovered about the Fortune Builder Wealth Plan.

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At the core of every sound financial strategy is solid education. Velomon is committed to providing education so that our friends and clients can make decisions the serve them effectively.

To aid in this process, we’ve created a Financial Wellness Portal. In our online portal, you’ll learn more about the key issues that drive financial health. There are no product discussions or sales pitches, simply easy to understand information available to you when you are ready to consume it.

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