What is the Velomon Group?

The word “Velomon” is a play on the phrase ‘velocity of money’ – an outcome our company’s distribution partners create for our clients; and an outcome the Velomon business model creates for its distribution partners.

The mission of the Velomon Group is to become a major supporting player in the sale of life insurance and annuities – particularly indexed universal life and indexed annuities, by providing industry-leading training, tools, marketing and lead generation structures, and sales support, along with strong, concept-based branding.  Our goal is to – through professional insurance agents who work with us – Change the Way America Saves Money and Builds Wealth.

Each of our four branded selling concepts and related selling systems put our agents in the best position to attract interested prospects, tell a compelling solutions story, and close high commission cases – air tight.

  1. The Fortune Builder Wealth Plan is an alternative to risky, fee-laden, and heavily taxed saving, investment and retirement plans. As a risk-free, tax-free, fee neutral option, more and more savers and families are discovering IUL to be a far superior vehicle – and our unique selling system builds the case with confidence and certainty.
  2. Live Interest Free is perhaps the most far-reaching, financially impactful concept ever introduced using cash value life insurance. Using specially designed whole life insurance, we show our clients how to get out of debt quickly – and without sacrificing lifestyle – then live interest free for the rest of their lives.  Interest will cost average American $680,000 over their lifetime.  Eliminating it moves that money into lifestyle and retirement buckets – and changes lives dramatically.
  3. Strategies for College has developed and perfected a lead generation and fulfillment strategy by offering free college planning to parents and students nationwide.  College costs can be reduced substantially through income and asset repositioning; and indexed life insurance and indexed annuities are ideal recipients of those assets as they escape the FAFSA process, which determines a family’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC), and in turn lowers the cost of college.
  4. The CharitabLiving Plan is also a property of Fortune Financial Group, and consists of a sales and marketing concept to help churches, charities, non-profits, foundations and endowments both 1) raise new money from new supporters without the need for the donor to depart with assets or income, and 2) provides an investment vehicle for foundation/endowment capital that meets the investing criteria of the organization.

Since the number one challenge most independent insurance agents have is getting in front of a sufficient number of qualified sales prospects, these four brands, individually and combined, represent a powerful combination that will be highly attractive to the best agents in the industry; as well as those outside the industry.