What is the Velomon Group?

Velomon stands for Velocity Of Money.

The Velocity of Money is an important concept for everyday Americans to understand better, and leverage to their benefit.  It means positioning yourself so more – is coming into your possession – quicker – and not leaving.

Crack that code – and the financial outcome for even average, ordinary people can be life-changing.

That’s what we’re about.  Understanding the real financial challenges that can make or break us financially –  and providing practical, time-tested, outcome-oriented solutions that simply can’t be found at the local bank, brokerage house, or mainstream financial planning firm.

It’s all about Solutions that Work.

History – A hearty band of financial professionals were working independently, delivering financial solutions that had been constructed by company founder Jay Beattey.   The solutions were unique – and they worked.  But they weren’t ‘mainstream’ solutions – so these advisors were shunned by mainstream financial services firms.

While their independence was a key to their success – they also discovered that they were spending too much time and money trying to start the right conversations – with the right kinds of clients.  So they banded together and formed the Velomon Group.

By focusing on meeting people with need by way of introduction from partnering employers, churches, and membership organizations, they found they could help more people – at almost no marketing cost – which allows them to offer their services free of charge until/unless a family wants to put a particular solution – with a defined outcome – into motion.  Even then, Velomon advisors are paid by third parties who have the supporting financial products that make the Velomon solutions work.

Today, Velomon’s nationwide network of financial solutions experts – many of whom have also discovered that their hands are tied by the narrow-mindedness of Wall Street thinking – is expanding rapidly.  Representatives are thoroughly vetted, must be aligned with the company’s core values, and are rigorously trained before being invited to become a part of the organization.

Founding Principles:  Velomon was officially formed in 2015 by Jay Beattey, author, speaker, and trainer.  Although Velomon’s solutions have been in the market for years prior, it was then that the current distribution model of offering services through partnering employers, churches, and membership organizations was born.

Beattey believes in a certain way of approaching and dealing with people – and those core values are at the heart of who Velomon works with – and how Velomon interacts with those it serves.

There are two ways to make money in the financial services business.  You can make money off the continued ignorance of people related to money – or you can make money by enlightening people on money matters.  We will always choose the latter.  Not only does it better serve our clients – it lets us sleep much better at night. 

His principals:

  1. Our obligation is to have the heart of a servant and the patience of a teacher. If we get that right – we’ll achieve our personal objectives quite naturally,
  2. If we stick to what we’re uniquely good at – and let the other peddlers fight it out with their worn-out products – we’ll build lasting, trust-based relationships with our clients and distribution partners.
  3. If we work with willing families – rather than the reluctant and skeptical – we’ll help more of the right people achieve their financial goals

In other words:  Enlighten, don’t sell – do what we’re best at and no more – and do it for those who want relationship-based solutions.  A simple formula really – but one that serves all in the best way possible.