A New Way to Sell Insurance

To sell more insurance, stop selling insurance! 

Are you frustrated trying find prospects who will meet with you? Do you struggle to get call backs or follow up appointments? Are you buying leads for low commission products? Are you tired of the grind? Let us show you how to become an agent that prospects seek out. When your opportunity is endless and your compensation is generous. It isn’t as difficult as it may sound. Come watch are webinar and learn more.  

Bootcamps Announced!

Velomon will be conducting two agent bootcamps in January 2018. If you are interested in any of our systems: Debt Elimination, Risk-free Retirement, and College Planning,  you’ll want to sign up now. Seating is limited so register today.

Accelerating the Velocity of Money

What is the Velocity of Money?  It is the power that comes from money well managed.  Velomon helps our clients make smart choices that unleash this power.    

Unbeatable Selling Systems

We use life insurance to provide solutions but our agents do NOT sell insurance. Instead, they sell solutions. The difference? Abundant prospects, clients who seek you out, and a career as a trusted advisor rather than a product peddler.    

Join a Winning Team

Are you an IUL pro?  An Insurance veteran looking for new opportunities?  A sales professional?  Or even a recent college graduate?  Velomon will give you a leg up without asking you to change your relationships with carriers, FMOs, or your current agency. And there are no contract adjustments involved! No changing of IMO/FMO/GMO’s, Agencies, Carriers, or any other relationship!

Elite Support and Lead Generation

Support and Lead Generation are two things most FMOs promise but often never deliver. Velomon is different. Come see the incredible team and tools available to generate success for you!    

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