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Velomon’s package of financial services are offered free of charge to the employees and members of various businesses, churches and membership organizations.  Are you part of a:

  • Business/Employer
  • Church
  • Membership Organization (Youth sports, youth activity, charity, club, group, or other organized collection of people)

If so, Velomon service can be made available through your organization.  Use the form on this page to tell us who we should introduce the Velomon service offering to.

Give us a Test-Drive

When Velomon partners with a business, church, or other membership organization, we build a co-branded portal that is secure – and available to your people only.

That portal is co-branded – which serves two important purposes.  It ensures that you are get the credit for bringing these services to them; and it creates a degree of separation between you and us since we’re dealing with personal financial matters.

Once inside, your employees or members will be able to explore what we do, get an initial introduction to the solutions we provide – even watch a short video that introduces each service.  There are worksheets, case studies, and topic-specific articles they can access in complete anonymity.

They can sign up for our e-newsletter that will continue to educate them over time.

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