James (Jay) Beattey

CEO, Founder (click to read more)

I've been in financial services for nearly 20 years, after a successful corporate career.  

I consider myself a student of how money works in our lives, and have built Velomon around the proposition that almost everyone has vast financial inefficiencies built into their financial plans.

Our job at Velomon is to identify those inefficiencies, prevent them, and redirect the leakage that will surely result - back into our clients' pockets so they live their best retirement.

We don't care if you're 23 or 73 - we know we can help construct a better financial future by building and implementing Optimized Retirement Income Plans.  

Simply put, Optimized Retirement Income Plans maximize retirement income, and minimize the financial risks unique to retirement.

I am a teacher, trainer, speaker, media personality, and have written three books including, Rigged, Unlearning Mainstream Financial Propaganda and Building your Personal Fortune; and 401 (Not) OK – the Sixteen Things you Agreed to when you said “Yes” to the 401k and a new children’s Christmas book, The Night the Animals Met the King. 

I am a husband to Julie, a father of two adult daughters whom I adore, and a grandfather to three granddaughters who are the lights of my life.

I am an Indianapolis native and enjoy Kayaking, pickleball, bicycling, good friends, and great food.

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